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From the experiences in my days of youth, I coined the term “Dare to Stop the Train.” “Dare to Stop the Train” is a collection of what I think of as moments of epiphany – at times they allow me to gain insight and further understand the world; at other times they make me question and further search for truth. But most of all, they force me to THINK. This website offers some of my favorite musings on observations I’ve made through life. I hope the thoughts in “Dare to Stop the Train” will compel you to delve deeper into the complexities of humanity – whether to recognize the beauty emanating from and surrounding each of us, or to rise up against the inequity affecting all of us.




The Train

As a young boy, I remember going to the train station for a trip with my parents. While the tickets were being secured, my brother and I wandered out to the platform surrounding the train. The engine, which personified the train to me, was huge, mysterious and with steam intermittently escaping was the embodiment of total power, strength and freedom. When we located our seats, my parents pointed out the dining car, bathrooms etc., and the cable that ran the entire length of each car. It was explained that with one pull of that cable the entire train would come to a violent stop. We were not to touch it!

As we traveled toward the destination I had never seen before, I noticed the excitement among the people at the beginning of our trip begin to subside. The travelers had replaced talking with reading, eating and napping. The anticipation of the adventure had succumbed to the monotony of the train moving down the track…click, click, click…toward our destination. That night, with my little face pressed against the cold window, looking at a beautiful moonlit landscape that nobody else seemed to care about, I realized a terrible fact. The huge, powerful, straining engine was not free – it was a slave – a slave to its own ambition to reach the end of the line.

Sitting here this morning, I wonder, am I a slave to my ambition to reach a destination or even worse am I just along for the ride? Shouldn’t I pull the cable and stop the train? Shouldn’t I stoop down to touch the beautiful meadow flower of a growing child? Should I not try to grasp the meaning of the roar of the wind of youth racing through spectacular mountain canyons? Should it not be a requirement to sit at the feet of the storm beaten mountains of the aged to gain wisdom beyond my own experience? Why shouldn’t I be touched by the laughing brooks and rolling meadows of wonderful people all around me?

All this is mine, if I have the courage to pull the cable and dare to stop the train.


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About The Author

Gerald M. McIntosh

Gerald (Jerry) M. McIntosh was born into a missionary family that actively considered the plight of the disadvantaged as a mandate for action. This mandate soon converted from a requirement of service to a real excitement of seeing people discard despair for personal belief, action, and control. Jerry, a native Southern Californian and adopted Texan now residing in North Carolina, has been referred to as a faith-based Social Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who believes in applying the law of science, the rules of business and the love of God to help individuals and organizations alleviate social pain by recognizing and achieving their full potential in life.

Although his career was one of scientific research and business development, he used the tenets of caring for others to promote and enjoy success. Following his business career, he focused almost entirely on inner city blight brought about by despair of people with little hope. It is his belief that an aggressive and systematic approach to poverty must be launched rather than focusing only on individual symptoms such as hunger, sickness, limited education, etc. We must come to see that value must be reassigned to throw away land, buildings and people if we are to ameliorate the causes of poverty.

McIntosh is a graduate of San Diego Union Academy, La Sierra University and the University of Southern California. Jerry has a post graduate degree in public administration, contributed as a team member in significant cardiac research, founded or co-founded and subsequently sold six widely varying businesses. The sixth company achieved hyper-growth status and is now a New York Stock Exchange listed company. More importantly to Jerry, however, during this time of rapid growth, the company earned the distinction of being awarded a national “Point of Light” citation. The citation was for the extraordinary number of employees participating in community service elements. He loves working shoulder to shoulder with the residents of Houston’s Fifth Ward, has served on a number of boards and is presently serving a Speciality Hospital in North Carolina.

Jerry has two grown children (who survived the wonder of youth with mom and dad), two wonderful grandchildren and a fabulous four legged companion, Buddy.

In loving Memory

a dedication to BOBBI MCINTOSH

In loving memory of my wife, Barbara Jo (Bobbi) McIntosh, I wish to dedicate this project. Bobbi and I shared a firm belief that leading by service to others (servant leadership) creates an environment where minds can flourish and lives can be enriched with lasting effect. As evidenced by the friends and associates with whom I am surrounded, I continue to hear the incredible stories of Bobbi’s influence and thank God she was a part of my life for 47 years!

Bobbi, I miss you!!!

Jerry McIntosh


There are numerous individuals (more than I could ever name) I wish to acknowledge who were instrumental in making this project, “Dare to Stop the Train”, become a reality. Conversations with these countless individuals led to ideas and input that have, in part and parcel, added to the content over the course of nearly thirty years.

From its infancy, Arlette Jefferies then Rachel Kibble and Nancy Rice worked (I would say ‘tirelessly’, but the truth be known I think they became more than tired, probably exhausted…) to create a platform for “Dare to Stop the Train”. Dealing with unending additions, changes, modifications, revisions, etc. makes them real troopers!

Many thanks to each of you!

Jerry McIntosh


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